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Specialty Bars - Wilson Rivas Crafts Service | Wilson Rivas Crafts Catering and Craft Service New York for the Film Industry New York
997 broadway Brooklyn NY 11221


Hot Italian Heros

Fresh Italian bread with a delicious marinara sauce topped the meat or eggplant of your choice to make the perfect snack or a hand held meal.  This bars is a favorite among people of all ages and goes well in any season of the year but specially in a breeze afternoon or in the winter time.


American Bar

Beautiful cuts of a variety of meats flying to the grill to create an amazing display that opens every appetite.    Served off the grill with sides like potatoes, Grilled veggies and a starch like pasta or rice its truly a treat for everyone.  This bar is a favorite in the entertainment industry as a courtesy meal/ second meal or a better way to enjoy a relax fun meal.



Gyro Bar

Take a trip to Greece for a moment and enjoy this traditional gyro right where you are.  We will come to you and set a grill where the best gyros are rolled in front of your eyes with fresh ingredients at your request.  The perfect bar all year long to be served as a hot snack and if you add lemon potatoes and greek rice you just made it a full meal where people can get plated food that includes the greek salad, lamb, chicken, falafels and all the topping you love.



Quesadilla Bar

For breakfast, brunch or lunch our quesadillas are delicious and hearty.  Always served crispy with a side of our pico de gallo and other traditional toppings.   The choices are endless and we make them gluten free or regular with fresh chopped ingredients you can see and taste.  Enjoy this any day of the year its just a little bite.



Taco Bar

Taco Tuesday, taco Friday, “Ahhh Its Taco Day” that is what we hear people say.   This bar makes people celebrate and is one of the top five bars in our world.  Prepared and perfected for years by our chef Wilson Rivas this is the one you must get.  The crew requests and doesn’t care if we serve it as a meal or as a snack.  With a variety of so many fresh ingredients you can be creative and let us build a taco, a  salad bowl or an unforgettable great sit down meal.




Burgers Bar

We can try to deny that this is the most popular bar but is been proven that in America we all love a good burger bite.  Its a must in every film shoot, party or outdoor celebration.  Served right off the grill with traditional sides likes french fries, lettuce, tomato, cheeses and onions this is always fun.  Our chefs grill at your request beef patties, turkey parties, veggie parties and you build the rest.

BBQ Barbecue

The one you won’t resist… truly delicious finger licking good. Whole racks of pork ribs, beef ribs, chicken pieces, rolled on our secret ingredients and served with barbecue sauce.  The BBQ bar is a full delicious meal and is served sides like corn on he cub, mash potatoes, Mac and cheese and others.  As you know no need to explain more just call us …. we be in our way.



Grilled  Seafood

Crew’s favorite! A complete assortment of fresh sea food grilled to perfection and seasoned by our chef with fresh herbs and ingredients that are irresistible to treat your guest.

Everyone will be amazed with this colorful seafood bar.  The best and only the best seafoods are displayed in a grill where you can get them cooked to perfection and deeped in a lemon dressing.   Served with sides that can be enjoyed as a delicious fancy snack or a full meal.  The seafood bar is a real treat so just let us do the fishing and cooking for you.



Soup Bar

We make soups, soups and more soups in the cold days.  We can assure they taste and are better prepared then the way mom used to make them.  This is truly a nice healthy bar and we offer a large selection all winter long.   Think of the soups you love the most and choose 4 of them.  Soups are displayed with some toppings and you can do some add ons.  It will keep you and your crew warm …



6′ Heroes

6 foot heroes are long, fun, delicious and best of all they are made to be shared.  Choose from our large selection but don’t forget the fried seafood or the chicken pesto, or the turkey club.  You can order one or a thousand, we are always prepared.    Add sides like pasta salad, pickles, Potato chips to please everyone.  In our service you can request a person to serve and cut the perfect slice.

Sushi Bar

A fresh sushi bar on any location is really a dream you will have to believe.  We have perfected the service on location and our chefs will serve you any rolls, sashimi or any special request.  The set up is traditional and ingredients are always handle in the right way.  You can have the sushi on a table set up of we can invite a sushi truck to come and serve.

King Kebab

Kebabs or Meats on a stick is a great idea any day of the year.  Patiently marinated by our chefs they will be grilled to your request.  Find a great selection that even vegan and vegetarians can share the fun and enjoy.  Kebabs are served by it self but of course we can set up sides if you like.  Truly a real finger food, that you will not resit.

Chilli Kingdom

Our chilli set up is little famous snack that is requested by film crews over and over again for most of the year.  The set up includes beef chill, Chicken chili, clams chowder and a vegetarian chilli.  The chillies are served in a sourdough bread bowl, in a cup or in a bowl.  To make it perfect we have garnishes at your disposal that would only improve this perfect snack or meal as you may decide.  This is the perfect thing to eat in a cold winter day but you must order at least a day in advance because of the bread bowls.



You will feel like you are in a rare fancy restaurant where you can get your pasta meal just the way you love it.  Yes to pesto sauce, cream sauce, marinara sauce, garlic and oil or any other sauce you love sautéed with all the ingredients of your choice.  As protein we always have chicken and one seafood like calamari or salmon so that your meal is really complete.


The perfect comfort plate of food that is creamy and delicious for any cold winter day.  Choose peas, carrots, spinach, baby shrimps, chicken or any of the toppings displayed.  The risotto bar will include two meats like roasted pork loin and chicken on the bone.  You can also customize to add salad or other food item of your choice.


Get the Ooh’s going, its a full pig roasted to a golden perfection. It can be served as a snack with sides like rice, beans, vegetables  or you can turn it into a fun cuban sandwich station.


Large selection of cold cuts, sandwich toppings, cheeses, fresh breads and dressings that allow you to build the perfect hot grilled sandwich.   Also included is a soup and you can choose carrot ginger, tomato soup or any other soup you like from our list of soups.  For this bar we must be supplied with electricity for the panini makers.  The panini bar is good for any day of the year and works great in hot or cold days.   



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