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Our Team - Wilson Rivas Crafts Service | Wilson Rivas Crafts Catering and Craft Service New York for the Film Industry New York
997 broadway Brooklyn NY 11221


Wilson Rivas
Ceo / General Manager
Wilson Rivas is the CEO and general manager of the Wilson Rivas Crafts. Wilson has gained a vast experience in craft service, catering and in the culinary industry in general by working in all areas for more than 20 years. During his years working as a chef for the entertainment industry Wilson has mastered and improved the quality of work for his team members and the quality of foods for his clients. There is no one more influential in the craft service industry and Wilson Rivas crafts is the most imitated craft service company in the world.
Veronica Cadmilema
Quality Control
Veronica Cadmilema is the quality control manager and the record keeper for the craft service and catering department. She is a expert in all areas of food service for the entertainment industry. She designs some of the daily tables you see and the changes in products we display for our clients. Daily, Veronica is a support to many of our team members and to our clients with any special request and changes in dietary requirements.
Cornelio Campoverde
Field Manager
Cornelio Campoverde is a chef, a team leader, a craft service, a caterer and all the things in between. Cornelio has been with the company for many years and now is in charge of supervising all jobs on location. He is loved by the crews and he loves the crew back. Day to day he goes from set to set delivering delicious food bars that make your shoot feel like a party and always supporting the craft service teams so that everyone can do and show its best.
Jaime Asitimbay
Field Distribution
Jaime Asitimbay is a caterer and craft service person working for the Wilson Rivas crafts company in New York. He has experience in different areas and is now in charge of the distribution of all foods and special request.
Miriam Ospina
Miriam Ospina is the book keeper for the Wilson Rivas Crafts. Miriam is in charge of helping our vendors and clients with all accounting questions they may have.
Christian Hernandez
Field Distribution
Christian is the man who wakes up early, really early to pick up your bagels, pastries and things that can not be storage in the trucks because we love to serve fresh delicious foods to everyone. He is also a grill man that may be seen doing specialty bars for our clients.

The people you love in Catering

Mario Vasquez
A true chef in the kitchen, Mario Vasquez is a master in the Italian cuisine and has a love for learning all the different cooking techniques of the world. After working for many years as a head chef for different successful restaurants in the New York area he has taken a new challenge to lead the Wilson Rivas Crafts catering team.
Guillermo Vasquez
Guillermo as many chefs have work in all areas of the kitchen, including restaurant management and today he is a successful chef that works in kitchen trucks to serve the biggest stars and crews in hollywood while they are filming their different projects on stage or locations.
Jose Sauce
Jose Sauce has mastered the art of creating vegan snacks and appetizers that please the new trends of healthy eating. He is one of the main chefs in the kitchen and is working in our team since 2014.
Ivan Mendez
Ivan Mendez is the youngest chef that everyone loves to be served by. His only dream job if mastering every cuisine to better his cooking skills. He takes the biggest challenges and at the age of 18 years old was in charge on his own crew. Has worked as chef for shows like "Mysteries of Laura" and "SVU Law and Order"
Luis Remache
Luis Remache is an experienced chef that has work for many in Italian kitchens. He has adapted and learn other cuisines to work for the entertainment industry and now leads a catering team in the Wilson Rivas crafts company.
Carlos Vasquez
Carlos Vasquez in an expert in pasta sauté and after being a chef for many years in restaurants, He has found a love for working in kitchen trucks that travel around the country serving the entertainment industry.
Raul Rivas
Raul Rivas has run his own restaurant and work in many others as a chef. His experience in Italian food made his a success story and his love for cooking a loved team leader that serves some of the best meals you can ever have.
Angel Paucar
Sous Chef
Angel Paccar is a sous chef at the Wilson Rivas crafts. He loves to travel to distant locations and enjoys every aspect of cooking for the stars.
Luis Rodriguez
Sous Chef
Luis Rodriguez is a sous chef and food decorator working at the Wilson Rivas Crafts. He has a passion for learning different techniques of cooking foods from all over the world. His dreams of becoming a master chef and team leader to serve in the entertainment industry all over the world.
Jonathan Vera
Sous Chef
Jonathan Vera is being working for different tv shows and movies for several years. He is a food decorator and sous chef that loves to keep learning to fulfill his goal of running his truck as the chef in command.
Juan Remache
Juan Remache is a chef at the Wilson Rivas Crafts. As a catering chef Juan has worked on many movies and tv shows. He is attentive to details and works extra hard to deliver a good meal every time. Regardless of weather or any hard conditions that caterers face day to day working outdoor locations he is always committed to presenting a beautiful display of foods that are tasty and delicious.
Jose Luis
Catering Setter
Jose Luis is a table setter, salad man, grill man and a soon to be chef. His love for cooking helps him to keep learning every aspect of the kitchen as he dreams of becoming a chef running his own crew.
Jonathan Herrera
Catering Setter
Jonathan Herrera is a catering setter for the Wilson Rivas crafts in New York. He is learning all aspects of the kitchen and would love to be a chef where he can command his crew.

The people you love in Craft Service

Wilson Alberto Lozano
Craft Service
Wilson Alberto Lozano "Alberto" as we call him in the team is a team leader that has worked in craft service in several states and enjoys working on location in any part of this world.
Carolina Cadmilema
Craft Service
Carolina Cadmilema is a craft service team leader at the Wilson Rivas Crafts and has worked for several tv shows and movies. She takes pride on her work and is proactive in all aspects of this work.
Mesias Agudo
Craft Service
Mesias Agudo is a craft service chef in charge of the most fancy walk in food truck in New York. Mesias loves working on location and makes the best of every day to find ways to please the cast and crew with the best snacks from this world.
Ximena Cadmilema
Craft Service
Ximena Cadmilema is a craft service decorator and has work in several tv shows and movies. She loves working with the cast and crew to build a familiar environment where everyone feels welcome. Her experience comes from shows like "The Royal Pains and "Blindspot".
Angel Ortiz
Craft Service
Angel Ortiz is a team leader in craft service and has found success in shows like "Orange Is The New Black" and others. He has worked in different aspects of catering and loves to cook for the cast and crew.
Cristian Lema
Craft Service
Cristian Lema is a craft service team leader that takes pride on all his work. He is a table decorator and a craft service chef. Cristian loves to learn new cooking skills and works well with other.
Ana B Dutan
Craft Service
Ana L Dutan is a experienced craft service person and a professional event planner. She enjoys working with cast and crew no matter if the job is big or small. She loves to make sure the crew is well served and happy so they can make better movies for the world to see.
Ana L Dutan
Craft Service
Ana B Dutan has a vast experience in craft service and an attitude that everyone loves. She is always making sure her table is well stack and has a special connection with cast and crew. Long shoots are easy when you have someone like mom on set.
Anieska Monsanto
Craft Service
Anieska Monsanto is a craft service decorator at the Wilson Rivas Crafts and her experience comes in working for shows like the Daredevil and Madam Secretary. Always works hard and has great communication skills, together with a great pro-active attitude to make the her the perfect craft service in your shoot.
Jahir Orellana
Craft Service
Jahir Orellana is a craft service leader and one of the best driver in the company. He is a craft service chefs and enjoys all aspects of working for the entertainment industry in any location.
Marcial Asitimbay
Craft Service
Marcial Asitimbay is the craft service chef for the original walk in crafty truck in New York. He has work on all aspects of craft service and is an experience team leader that loves to work for the entertainment industry.
Angel Rivas
Craft Service
Angel Rivas is a tru master chef that has worked with many different styles of cuisine. After many years of working as a chef in fancy restaurants he moved to work in the Wilson Rivas crafts since the beginning. He has a vast experience in catering and craft service that allows him to work in any project no matter how big or in what location they shoot.
Nelson Uzhca
Craft Service
Nelson Uzhca is a craft service chef that is not afraid to work in far locations. He likes the challenges and is always learning and gaining experience to improve his service. Nelson is proud of his job and shows with his attention to detail every day. Crafty is a dream job and working with cast and crew is always a pleasure for him.
Sara Vasquez
Craft Service
Sara Vasquez is chef in latin cuisine and has learned different styles of cooking to better serve the crew. She was a chef in Spanish food restaurants and has a real love for cooking and working for the entertainment industry.
Janira Cedillo
Craft Service
Janira Cedillo is an expert food decorator at the Wilson Rivas Crafts. Her craft service tables are lovely and the crew loves her great attitude and attention to the smallest details. Having work in shows like "Orange Is The New Black" for several seasons as the person in charge of the table decoration, she has proved her talent and quality that this industry requires.
Sonia Zumba
Craft service
Sonia Zumba is a setter decorator for the Wilson Rivas Crafts. Her experience comes from working on selection and distribution of products in the warehouse. Her talent and desire to work in craft service has made Sonia one of the most successful new people in the company. She has worked two years in "Quantico" and proved to everyone that her attitude and talent is just what the crew and the company needs.
Luis Asitimbay
Craft service
Luis Asitimbay is a craft service assistant for the Wilson Rivas Crafts. Luis is an experienced driver and loves to work in the kitchen preparing snacks and platters for the crew to enjoy.
Wilfrido Guaman
Craft Service
Wilfrido Guaman is a craft service assistant for the Wilson Rivas Crafts. Willfrido got his experience by working many years in the show "Blue Bloods". Always with a smile and great attitude, he is the favorite person to have around the crew.
Marcelo Gutierrez
Craft Service
Marcelo Gutierrez is a craft service assistant at the Wilson Rivas Crafts company. He has worked in shows like "Billions" and "Zelda". He loves to cook and dreaming to became a craft service chef.
Jovanna Pesantez
Craft Service Assistant
Jovanna Pesantez is a craft service assistant at the Wilson Rivas Crafts. She has experience as a table decorator and has worked in several shows including "Instinct". Jovanna or "Liz" as she liked to be called is very attentive and proactive to assure the crew is well taken care of.