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SECOND MEALS | Wilson Rivas Crafts Catering and Craft Service New York for the Film Industry New York
997 broadway Brooklyn NY 11221


We know how to cook, how to serve food, how to deliver food and best all all we know how to do second meals that are better then any restaurant around.  Our second meals can be a simple drop off or a full food bar cooked right in front of you.  We have a variety of menus and themes that are designed to cover all the food groups so that your whole crew can enjoy.  None of the menus include desert or drinks so please ask for it if needed.  Also for full description of the items included in the list below go to SPECIALTY BARS

TACO BAR -Mexican theme meal with real Mexican flavor

AMERICAN BAR -Its steaks and other meats served with sides like mash potatoes

GYRO BAR -Traditional greek gyros with all the tradition ingredients

BBQ BARBECUE -The one that makes people lick their fingers over and over again

GRILLED SEAFOOD -Oh its fancy seafoods with sides and a delicious lemon dressing

SUSHI BAR-A variety or rolls and sashimi to please them all

ITALIAN MEAL- Traditional pasta,  Chicken marsala, veal piccata, etc etc etc

THE VEGAN BOX- A combination of vegan foods that cover all the food groups