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Craft Service | Wilson Rivas Crafts Catering and Craft Service New York for the Film Industry New York
997 broadway Brooklyn NY 11221

Craft Service

If you work in a media or film production in the New York area, you know Wilson Rivas and the Wilson Rivas crafts.  Loved by every crew Wilson Rivas has changed every aspect of craft service to make it the best and most requested service by producers, actors, crews and everyone who has to work on set.  People from all over the world agree that New York has the best craft service they ever experienced and seen. Wilson Rivas Crafts has set new standards year after year and improved in the way craft service gets done to the point where many producers complain that New York crews are getting spoiled.

 We were the school for many successful craft service people today and we keep finding way to serve better not only with the foods but with the way your budget gets spent.  Our team includes talented people that work under a strict code of conduct that cares for all aspects within craft service.  Your food is always set in a beautiful display, your snacks are prepared in a clean environment, Dietary restrictions are always respected, we adapt to new food trends and never forget that the longer hours just mean another change to pass another delicious snack around.

Our craft service station offer a diverse selection of Bars, candy, fruits and a curated selection  of coffees and tees. On top of this we complement your experience with a regular assortment of fresh made snacks, sandwiches, fruit and cheese platters and other delicious treats that will keep your crew happy all day. Call us or Choose a package that you think is best for your crew.