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Film Catering | Wilson Rivas Crafts Catering and Craft Service New York for the Film Industry New York
997 broadway Brooklyn NY 11221

Film Catering

Our name is Wilson Rivas Crafts but please don’t get confused because we are a group of chefs that have been cooking for more them 20 years.

Wilson Rivas is the chef in charge and he is surrounded by a group of talented chefs with different backgrounds that together enrich the quality of food we serve to our clients all over the states.  In our credits we served to hit shows like “The Good Wife”, Blue Bloods, “SVU: Law and Order” and some of the biggest events in the world like the “VMA 2016” (video Music awards) in Madison Square Garden.  Our menus are well thought and include foods that people can enjoy regardless if they are vegan, vegetarian or any other food preferences.  

The reason we get call back over and over again is because we care about the crew and the things they eat. we make the meals fun and exiting by preparing meals form different parts of the world.  We adjust and can fulfill any special request.  We are the only company that never complicate your shoots when you have B Units.  we are always prepared with trucks and equipment to feed a few or thousands of people at the same time.  

Want to know more about our catering options? Please give us a call at 917 548 3407