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The Soup Bar | Wilson Rivas Crafts Catering and Craft Service New York for the Film Industry New York
997 broadway Brooklyn NY 11221

The Soup Bar

Any day is a good day to make it a soup day, light, delicious and healthy for anyone at any time.

Standard Set-Up (you choose 4 from any group)

Soups with Meat


 Chicken Noodle Egg noodles, Carrots, white onions, Celery and Chicken
 Chicken and Rice  Chicken, rice, carrots, celery onions and peas
 Chicken Shredded and tortilla soup  Roasted Chicken shredded in pieces with tomato, chillis and tortilla chips
 Italian wedding soup Meaballs, Spinach, Barley hearthy soup
 Beef and Beans  Chopped Beef and Combination of beans
 Shredded Pork and white corn  Shredded Pork and White Corn sometimes  as Posole
Celery and Bacon Crumbs  Creamy celery and crispy bacon.
 Meatball and tiny hearthy veggies  Chopped Veggies and little meatballs with a delicious tomato flavor
 Chicken Broth  Great for Cold Days
 Turkey Ball Soup  Ground turkey, celery, caarrots, onions

 Creamy Soups

 Pumpking Soup  Blended Pumpkin and creme
 Carrot Soup  Carrots blended with creme and spices
 Cream of Cauliflower  Cauliflower overcooked to perfection and mixed with creamy cheeses
 Cream of Broccoli  Broccoli blended with cream and secret spices
 Corn Chowder  Tradditionally made in house
 French Onion Soup  the way you  love it
 Potato Leek Soup  Creamy potato in a  delicious leek flavors
 Cream of Tomato  Red tomatos, peeled and blended with cream.
 Creamy Carrot  Soft carrots  blended with cream
 Cheesy Veggies  Chopped vegetables in a creamy broth of variaty of cheeses

 Seafood Soups

Carrot and Crab Soup  Delicious blended seasonal carrots and beautiful chunks of crab
 Shrimp Gumbo  Blended and whole shrimp in shrimp stock in a delicious saucy veggies
 Mixed Seafood Soup  variaty of mixed seafood with cream, carrots, celey and onions
 Manhattan Chowder  Tradditional clam and veggies in red sauce
 New England Chowder  Creamy clams  soup
 Shrimp and Calamari in cream of tomato  Blended tomato and spices with shrimp and calamari
 Lobster Bisquet  Lobster in a creamy delicious carrot and tomato duo with other spices

 Vegan Light and Healthy Soups


Vegan Carrot and Ginger Soup  Basic ingredients added to the carrot and ginger blend
 Celery Root Soup  Calery root patienly cooked and seasones to perfection
 Tomato Soup  pealed tomato blended with top secret spices
 Menestroni Soup  Al the chopped veggies you can fill in a pot seassoned by our chef
 Lentil Soup  Soft lentils with carrots, white onions  and celery
 Split Pea Soup  Spilt peas sofetened and seasones to the mood of the chef
 Beans and greens  Multi colored beans and greens combination
 Corn and Sweet potato  melted sweet potato and corn kernels is a sweet experience
 Miso Soup  The one for the soul

 Cold Soups / Gaspachos

Tomato Gaspacho  Perfect blend of tomatoes, lemon juice for any hot day
 Watermelon and tomato  Set delicious and cold
 Yellow Tomato and Shrimp Gaspacho  Ice cold chuncks of shrimp in a saury tarty yellow tomato blend
 Cucumber Gaspacho  the most popular refreshing soup for the summer

-Plantain Chips
-Mix veggie chips
-Potato Chips

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