997 broadway Brooklyn NY 11221

Christmas menu


Meat Stick & Choices
Beef Chimichurri Sticks
Chicken With Pesto
Shrimp With Herbs
Single Lamb Pops
Steamed Lobster Boats
Chicken Meatball Duets
Beef Meatball Duets
Chicken Chao Bites

Chili Land

Fennel Lamb & Beef Chili
Yellow Corn Green Peas And Chicken
Vegan Pot Chili
Clam Chowder

Snack Platters

Coconut Shrimp
Quinoa And Millet Bites
Fried Ravoli
Fried Calamari
Mini Fries Cones
Fish Bites
Crab Cakes
Monkfish Incrusted With Semolina Flower
Sweet Potato And Marshmallows Crisps


Vegan Vegetable Stacks With Balsamic Reduction
Polenta And Portobello Bites
Chicken Sliders
Beef Sliders
Crab Meat Stuffed Tomatoes
Cucumber Cups With Mascarpone And Smoked Salmon

Individual Bowls

Baby Shepherd Pies
Baby Mac & Cheese
Baby LasagnaEnjoy A Sweet Cup Of Milk Chocolate And A Sweet Wonderland.

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