997 broadway Brooklyn NY 11221

Gyro Bar

Traditional Greek Gyros served hot and delicious with a very short notice. Using only natural and traditional ingredients.Works as a snack or meal set up and people enjoy in any season or wether or full year long.
Standard Set-Up

– Lamb


-Feta Cheese


-Chicken Breast

-Chopped Tomato

-Tzaziki Sauce






-Hot Sauce


-Pita  Bread
grilled with herbs

Add Ons

-Stuffed Grape Leafs
-wheat Pitas
-Glutten Free Pitas

Special Request

-French Fries
-Sweet Potatoes Fries
-Onion rings
Greek Salads

-Chick Pea Salad
-Orzo Salad
-Lemon Potato

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