997 broadway Brooklyn NY 11221

Burger Bar

This is one of the most popular bars we serve and the most requested in the film industry. Truly a favorite for all ages all year long and in any weather condition.  Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, French Fries, cooked right in front of you to the way you like them.

Standard Set-Up for the Burger bar

-Turkey Burgers

-100 % Beef Burgers

-100% Beef Hot Dogs

-Vegan burgers

-Swiss cheese -American cheese

-Cheddar c





-Ketchup, Hot s



-Burger rolls

-H.D rolls

ADD-ONS and Special Requests $1.00 p/p each


-Spicy Sausage

-Sweet sausage

-Fried onion ring

-Sweet P fries -Potato wedges -Chicken

-Other cheese



-Vegan hot dogs

-Glutten Free Rolls/breads

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