997 broadway Brooklyn NY 11221

Quesadilla Bar

Breakfast, Brunch or lunch , we served them with home made salsa and serve them in front of you hot and crispy you can enjoy them any season of the year. In our bars we try the best ingredients so you can customize the way you love them.

Standard Set-Up




-Pico de Gallo

-Chedar Cheese


-Onions, Broccoli

-Salsa verde

-Swiss Cheese

-Shredded Pork or Steak



-Red Peppers



-Hot Sauce



Regular, Tomato, Spinach, Glutten Free

Add Ons

-Broccoli Rabe
-Squash Blossom
-Picke Onions
-Glutten Free
-Crab MEat
-Lobster Meat
-Guacamole and
-Corn Salad
-Radish Salad

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