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Sea Food Grill


Delicious seafoods at your request that are dipped in a lemon dressing or hot butter.   The seafood bar is one of the most exclusive bars we serve and is truly a delight to all your guests.  This great combination of seafoods turn a regular meal into a very special moment.


Wow and Woooh oooh then all by adding lobsters or king crabs to the grill to make it a truly unforgettable moment at any time of the year.


Standard Sea food Bar Set up includes $24 per person

-Salmon or Tuna



-Grain or pasta salad




 -Lemon dressing

-Cole slaw

 -Corn on the cab -Grilled red peppers -Hot butter

-Grilled zucchini

-Grilled onions -Grilled carrots -Lemon wedges



ADD – ONS at specified price or you can switch the vegetarian options for free

-Lobster $9 p/p

-Steak $2 p/p

 -Chicken $2 p/p

-King crab $ 7 p/p

-Rice and beans $2 p/p

-Pasta $2 p/p

-Collard greens $2 p/p

-Avocado salad $2 p/p

-Beans & scarole $2 p/p

-Mash potato $2 p/p -Kale in vinegar $2 p/p -Carrots & Butter $2p/p

-Please ask/other sides

-Or other dressing -Or other seafoods  


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