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Sea Food Grill | Wilson Rivas Crafts Catering and Craft Service New York for the Film Industry New York
997 broadway Brooklyn NY 11221

Sea Food Grill


Delicious seafoods at your request that are dipped in a lemon dressing or hot butter.   The seafood bar is one of the most exclusive bars we serve and is truly a delight to all your guests.  This great combination of seafoods turn a regular meal into a very special moment.


Wow and Woooh oooh then all by adding lobsters or king crabs to the grill to make it a truly unforgettable moment at any time of the year.


Standard Sea food Bar Set up includes $24 per person

-Salmon or Tuna



-Grain or pasta salad




 -Lemon dressing

-Cole slaw

 -Corn on the cab -Grilled red peppers -Hot butter

-Grilled zucchini

-Grilled onions -Grilled carrots -Lemon wedges



ADD – ONS at specified price or you can switch the vegetarian options for free

-Lobster $9 p/p

-Steak $2 p/p

 -Chicken $2 p/p

-King crab $ 7 p/p

-Rice and beans $2 p/p

-Pasta $2 p/p

-Collard greens $2 p/p

-Avocado salad $2 p/p

-Beans & scarole $2 p/p

-Mash potato $2 p/p -Kale in vinegar $2 p/p -Carrots & Butter $2p/p

-Please ask/other sides

-Or other dressing -Or other seafoods  


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