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Enchiladas Bar

This popular Mexican snack or meal is favorite among crowds with option of corn gluten  free tortilla or flour tortillas. Can be a fun set up in any location where people can enjoy fried foods with a good kick of spice in the sauces.

Standard Enchiladas  Set-Up 12 per person


-Salsa de huajillo


-Fresco Cheese

-Beef or/and Pork

-Salsa Roja

-Salsa verde

-Lime wedges

-Shrimp or Fish

-Sour Creme

-Side of Rice

-Side of Beans

 Add Ons

-Mexican Salad – 2 per person
-Nopal Salad  – 2 per person
-Guacamole and Chips – 3 person
-Tostadas – 2 per person

Special Request

-Crab Meat

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