How can we place an order…?

Crafty or Catering please call Wilson (917)5483407

How may we make a payment…?

Corporate Accounts can pay weekly, biweekly or monthly
Credit cards are welcome with a 3% surcharge

What’s the cancellations policy and cost…?

72 hours in advance 0% charge
48 hours in advance 25% charge
24 hours in advance 50% charge
12 to event 75% charge
6 hours or less full bill must be paid

Do you have any delivery charges…?

Any platters, Baskets or Drink Stations $75
Craft Services drop off (10-50) $200
Craft Services drop off (50-up) $250
Craft Services drop off & set up $350
Catering drop off (10-50) $250
Catering drop off (50-up) $350
Catering drop off and pick up; set up $450
Lunch Boxes $250

Do you offer corporate and private events Catering Services?

Yes! We are super exited to be able to offer all our clientele our new catering services. Please contact us for more details and options available.

Would you be able to work in our project?

Absolutely! Please let us know how we can help.

What is the difference between a Craft Service and Catering..?

Craft services refers to the food that is always available to the crew while they are working,
and can range from a single table of cookies, candy, cereal and coffee, to more elaborate meals. 
Catering, on the other hand, is ordered from our main or mobile kitchen,and handles the true hot meals like
lunch, dinner and a second meal if the day goes over 12 hours.

Your day hours are based on how many hours?

Our day hours are based on full fourteen working hours, but we are committed from event start to finish and available to as many hours as needed.

What’s included in your rentals?

One food truck, one cargo van and kit rental are included.

How far will you travel?

We will travel as far as needed to accomplish all of your needs and services.

How much time in advance can we book your services?

72 hours or more is preferable... but we are also available on a 24 hours notice for an additional charge. 

Can you accommodate special requests?

Yes we do! We love to help you on those special needs.

Can we get references from past clients?

Yes, please call us and we'll give you all clientele references you will need.