Chicken Rolls:

Bread rolls, stuffed with a spicy chicken curry.

Dim Sums:

Mini dim sums, served steaming hot.

Fish Cakes:

Fish, flattened, and deep-fried.

Seafood Platter:

Assortment of sea food like prawns, shrimp, oysters, etc.

Flounder Fry:

Fry flounder that has been stuffed with crab meat.

Veggie Delight:

Cutlets of corn and potato.

Chicken Wedges:

Deep-fried, thick chicken pieces.


Yummy, well cooked sausages, served with sour cream or any other dip.

Cheese Balls:

Warm cheese, encased in a cornflour cutlet.

Sweet Almonds:

Sugar coated almonds, served alone.

Mini Sandwiches:

Make a filling of your choice and stuff it in slices of bread cut into bite size pieces.


Baked, roasted or boiled.

Chicken Legs:

Roasted and smeared with spicy seasoning.

Cheese Sticks:

Mozzarella sticks, served warm.

Steamed Veggies:

For those on the lookout for a healthy option, an assortment of boiled vegetables.


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