Burger Bar

This is one of the most popular and the most requested. The one no one can resist, trulys americaís favorite.Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, French Fries, cook

right in front of you to the way you like them.
Standard Set-Up

-Turkey Burgers


-Swiss Cheese

-Variaty of

French Fries Shoestring or thin cut

-100 % Beef Burgers

-Sliced Tomatoes

-American Cheeese

-Variaty of Mayonaisse

-100% Beef Hot Dogs


-Provolone Cheese or Monterrey Jack

-Ketchup and Hotsauce

-Vegan Burgers


-Munster Cheese



-Burger Rolls
-Hot Dog Buns


Potato Wedges

Special Request

-Glutten Free Rolls
-Onion Rings
-Sweet Sausages
-Hot Saussages

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